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Loose Leaf Tea

We travel, we sample, and we bring you our favorite selection of loose leaf teas from around the country.

Experience the Real Loose Leaf Difference

Fresh, loose leaf tea offers a distinct experience that will have you never going back. 

Our loose leaf tea is a blend of whole or large pieces of tea leaves, dried flowers, fruit, roots and other natural ingredients, allowing for optimal flavor extraction and infusion. Loose leaf tea provide more room for the leaves to expand and release their full flavor profile during steeping, resulting in a richer and more aromatic cup of tea.


In contrast, store bought tea bags typically contain finely ground tea leaves or tea dust, which brew quicker but lack optimal rich flavor.

Try it for yourself, and taste the difference! Browse our vast loose leaf tea selection. 


Dashboard Tea Company



N1665 Greenville Dr,

Greenville, WI 54942, USA

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